My english sucks

But whatever.

I don’t know why do people think that they are fat, while they are not. Really fat people often have problems with their look, they are shy and just don’t want to show themselves to other people.

Well, I’m not a skinny fucker too, but come on. While I weigh 229 lbs, I’m not saying I’m fucking fat. But somebody who is about same height as me and weighs circa 170 lbs and is saying to me that “OMG, I’m so fat” then I just want to slap him/her in that fucking skinny face.

This is goddamn ridiculous! I am fat for I don’t know for how long. I was almost Auschwitz-skinny like when I was 6 or 7 (and still felt much healthier). After moving to my actual hometown I just gained more and more. Kids at school were laughing at me, cause I was fat. Well, they were right actually, so why I am supposed to be mad at them. Uśmiech z językiem

And still – there are people who are trying to convince me that they are fat, while they are not. What the fuck is wrong with your brains? Are you just trying to force compliments on others? To feel yourself better? Fuck you, I won’t help you. Not this fucking way.


3 comments on “My english sucks

  1. Soniccc pisze:

    Ok, ciekawy post. Mam tylko jedno pytanie: why the fuck in english?! Bo nie potrafię tego zrozumieć. 😉

  2. vashpl pisze:

    Postanowiłem zaszaleć. W końcu na Twitterze też po angielsku piszę, więc…

  3. namaskar pisze:

    Popieram,że ciekawy i wcale nie dziwi mnie język , w którym go napisałeś… 😉

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